Philippe Georges Marie Comte de Chagny (comte_philippe) wrote,
Philippe Georges Marie Comte de Chagny

Love and St. Valentine.

I've never cared for St. Valentine's Day. I always found it to be such a bother: all the ladies twittering about what presents the shall recieve from their men, and all the men worrying about finding impressive presents for their ladies. This year, it has been a little different.

This year has been the first year that I've, well, that I've wanted to give a gift to someone. I suppose I feel a little embarassed writing what I've done, but it really can't be helped. I want to be sure to remember all details in the case that I was mistaken about the feelings of this young lady toward me.

You see, my little book, I went to the Opera House today and bribed a fellow there to do me two favors. First, to show me the way to La Sorelli's new apartments, which he readily agreed to do. Then the thing I am most ashamed of. Since Sorelli was occupied with rehearsals at the time I was there, I bribed this rather shady looking fellow to help me slip into her apartment once we reached it. Almost too easily he slipped the key from her dressing room and off we went.

Well, to make a long stoy short, we did slip in and...and I left a love note tucked within the front cover of her diary. I hope that she forgives me for the break in; nothing was disturbed except the diary I moved.

I need a drink.
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