Philippe Georges Marie Comte de Chagny (comte_philippe) wrote,
Philippe Georges Marie Comte de Chagny

La Sorelli and the Opera.

I've been rather restless these last few days, and I think now that I may know why. Of late, Sorelli has been, well, declining my offers for dinner or a walk in the park. Though I am not generally a jealous man, I believe that one thought has been nagging me in the back of my mind: what if, perhaps, my dear Sorelli has found another man? I mean, I suppose I couldn't blame her if that is the case. Goodness knows I'm not exactly every woman's dream anymore: forty-one years old, receding hairline, a little nearsighted. But still, after such a long time with Sorelli, I hate to think that she wouldn't tell me if she no longer wishes to be..."on terms" with me.

I really must go to the Opera House and check in on things. I meant to do that on Saturday, but ended up going to the club instead. I do like to know that things are running tidily at the Opera, especially since my family provides them with so much money. (Though I do not begrudge any of it.) I wonder when they will be replacing La Carlotta. She is not...bad, per se, but I do wish they would get a little fresh blood in their vocalists. The dancers are lovely, especially La Sorelli, the Prima Ballerina, and...that Giry girl, what is her name? Meg, was it?

Well, I shall go write a letter to the Managers of the Opera and arrange to drop in and take a look around in these next few days.
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